Our Pet Chicken Saga
My Papa has always talked about getting chickens. In 2010, when he mentioned it again, I pushed things into motion, and before I knew it, we had four rhode island red and two white orpington chickies cheeping happily in our big blue tub. I loved them so much that a week later we bought two more (red stars this time) from the feed store. Most of my extra time was spent in the garage next to the brooder, talking and cuddling with the sweet babies. After several weeks, they started spending time outside in a tiny chicken-wire pen where they had fun learning to peck and flap their wings. They were so cute!!! As they got bigger, a coop was built (I painted it lime green
) and they moved outside. It was a very smooth move. The girls barely skipped a beat going from part-time blue bucket to putting themselves on the roost in the big coop. That fall, I found our very first egg in the coop and was overjoyed! Since then, we've lived a very happy and peaceful existence with our girls. They particularly enjoyed free ranging around the property, until we had to fence them out of the garden because they were digging up the tulips. They are quite well loved and taken care of, and in the future I hope to enlarge the flock with a few silver laced wyandottes.
Their names: Camilla, Irena, Fattie Lumpkin, Pretty Lady, Una, Matilda, Norbert and Bernard.