~ Feathers On The Ground ~


from a hobby grew a passion............................


The coops

Bantam Ameraucanas

Large Fowl Ameraucanas

Runner Ducks

Bantam Polish

~Building a grow out pen~

For the little guys that are too big to be inside in the brooder, but too small to be in the runs and coops with the breeding stock I built this in 2 days!


Starting with the floor of a shipping crate and one of it's sides as the back piece, I framed out the pen. It is 4x7 feet and 3 feet tall at it's highest point in the front. The sides are 1 inch plywood cut to fit.

I painted and added sides and roofing, added a little house for warmth in the winter, a roosting bar and feeding station

I framed out the front with doors on either side for easy cleaning and access to the birds.

~And of course there is also Steve the Goat~

He's the Greatest Of All Time!


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