Welcome to the Winged Wonder
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We started this project on a whim from my Darling Husband who remembered 6 months previous when I had mentioned to him that I wanted some chickens and bought the book Raising Chickens for Dummies. He laughed at the time, but apparently remembered and then in the middle of August said to me one day "I am gonna build a Chicken Coop" Being the good wife that I am I looked at him and said "umm Ok, what do you want me to do"

So off we went, DH and I do not know how to build anything, he is a computer guy and I teach preschool most of the tools in our garage have never been used before, and we only own them because DH Dad (FIL) keeps buying them for us.

I handed him the book I had bought and he went out and told me where he was going to build this coop. So here we are starting on the coop. We ended up naming it the "Winged Wonder" because we didn't measure the roof correctly and had to add 2' wings on each of the sides to cover the whole thing.


After we got stuff in we then took it out and added a vinyl floor for easy cleaning.

Some walls, we had no idea how to do this and so we did a ton of stuff backwards and twice and on and on.


The two front windows and some featherd friends

We built everything in pieces and then added it to the coop. Here is the start of the Pop Door

Here is the roof going on.

Some painting going on (next time I would paint first and then build it was hard to get all the nooks and crannies)

The Pop door coming out to what will be the run

The feeder and water inside the coop

The same from the outside DH wanted to be able to do everything from the outside.

The apron going around the run, it is 18" and is 1/2 inch harwared cloth.

Almost done

The nest boxes

The run it is all built by making 4' X 7' panels and then attaching them together, we did this as our yard slopes really badly and needed to be able to adjust the height of each one and couldn't figure out another way to do it.


Here it is completly done, we have 2 x 4 welded wire on the top of the run to allow snow to fall through and more than half of it is coverd in the clear wavy roofing so they have somewhere dry to play.


And my chickens are enjoying it I think.




Thanks for looking, Tracy in WA