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By Nuggetirl · Jul 29, 2014 · Updated Aug 11, 2014 · ·
  1. Nuggetirl
    I got a wild hair to get ducks early in 2014. I wanted to start herding with my mini aussie, and fresh duck eggs never hurt anyone! Then I started researching and learned I couldn't have them where I live. But a backyard chicken bill was going up to the city council in April/May so I waited and hoped (it was passed the stage that I could help. I did email council for what it was worth) and it was shot down. So, no legal poultry. Ducks weren't even covered under the bill, but I thought I could probably squeak passed that. So, I started thinking indoor.
    I wanted quail! that was the ticket. Indoor quail. Then, I found out you have to have a permit. Once you have a permit, you can only buy from other permitted people. No one here is permitted. I can't get caught up in federal game laws (I can lose my CPA license for pretty much anything) So, I thought my dream was over.
    Then a fellow BYC member talked me into bantam chickens. She had some 5 week old bantam cochins she would sell me. Well, I already had the indoor cage and they were so small. I planned to free range each evening in the backyard, this could work!
    I came home with two bantam cochin hens and one silkie of unknown gender.


    If you're thinking, hey, that 'hen' has a pretty red comb. Yeah, just a few days after I got 'her' she decided to very quickly start developing. I kept hoping maybe she was just a fast developing hen, but at 8 weeks 'she' began to crow and by 10 her comb was huge!
    Gwyn the Him around 7 weeks
    Scooter 8 weeks
    Buffy 7 weeks
    Shortly after these pictures, Gwyn began to crow. then shortly after that... well, 'she' looked like this.


    Very pretty, wish I could have kept him. But an indoor crowing chicken in a place where chickens aren't allowed? He had to go. Luckily, he went to a nice home that caponized him and put him in a bachelor pen. He should live happily free ranging with all the other boys.
    Then there were two.
    I didn't think I'd replace him, but while looking for coops on craigslist (I'm always looking for a deal just in case I want to get it!) I found two bantams. I really only wanted one of them, a mille fleur Old English Game Bantam, but they came as a pair and at $10 I could definitely find someone to take a hen off my hands.
    This is where we are now. These two, Beauty and Flower, are still in quarantine. Flower is teeny tiny. She'll fit right in. Beauty....isn't a bantam. BYC members think she's a Sumatra, and probably a full sized based on how big she already is. But, I really like her. We'll see what I decide to do.
    See the cuteness? SEE IT? And she is supposed to be close to lay, but I honestly don't know how old they are. Mostly, I just know they are very flighty but doing well in quarantine.

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  1. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Chicken Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  2. N F C
    Flower is a beauty. Great pictures of your girls (and boys, lol). And that Scooter one cute little puff-ball!
  3. MyPetNugget
    Wow great pictures and cute names! :D
  4. FVRM
    I didn't think anyone kept chickens indoors. they can get stinky
  5. Turnedfifty
    One of our hens bought at chicks ended up with a gender issue as well when "she" started crowing. She/he was beautiful, but he was already chasing my chickens too much. We were lucky to find someone who wanted a rooster and he was purty.
  6. ErniesFlock
    I been saying this all along about having some of the bantams indoors. Especially Silkies and Japanese Bantams.. Less noisy than a parrot and about the same mess factor. I had a poll about capones and what people thought.. They are illegal in my province. Great story and pictures!
  7. Mah1Mah1
    Pretty Pictures!!!
  8. FaithM
    Cute little bantams! Congrats on POW! :)
  9. Kluk-Kluk
    Best of luck with your cuties! I currently have two silkie chicks almost 7 weeks old. I was hoping for hens, but they look different, so I'm expecting Fluffs to start crowing maybe as soon as next week? The bantam blue cochin I have was sold to me as a silkie, but I'm happy with their mistake. Chickens are an adventure!
  10. s-kswenson
    I love Flower. She's so pretty! I think she is a Bantam Swedish Flower Hen? I don't know much about chickens, but I am looking for some right now. You have an amazing flock. :)

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