I am new to BYC, but my sister and I own 8 chickens. Noodles is my only chicken. She half gave Noodles to me. Noodles is in my avatar. The rest are really hers, but i care for and love them too. We have 4 silkies, Alf-blue, Cleo-red, Lady Antebellum-splash, and Nugget-purple. He was an accident, and is a red and blue silkie. we got them on 7/4/10. on 7/7/10 we got an order of 6 chicks from MPC. Noodles is my only chicken, and she is a buff orpington. Also buff orpingtons in that order were Laurent and Bojangles. the jersey giant is rocky, or roxy because it is a straight run. Biglesworth is a silver laced wyandotte, and Louise is a white-crested black polish. Biglesworth and Laurent were sold, but we have gained 2 ducks. They are Black Cayuga ducks that turned a week old on 8/3/10. One of them is named Yahtzee and the other is Bon Jovi. PM me if you want to know the story of their names.