I am so excited. I am getting two Sebastopol goslings next week. I found a lady here on Back Yard Chickens who had two, two month old goslings who she had planned on keeping but said she would sell them to me. I am so excited. I had been looking for Sebastopol geese but having bad luck finding them. I finally gave up on them and decided to get a few ducks instid. Well no more ducks since I found two of them.

I had planned on naming them Aphroditie and Atticus to start with and then changing one or the other if it wasn't a boy and a girl. I called and told my dad today I decided not to get pet ducks. He said "Well thats good you probably don't need any more pets." Then I told him I bought two geese instid. "Geese?!?!" I told him what breed and the first thing he said was "there is a town on the coast of the Black Sea called Sebastopol.". He's good. I told him that is where they originated and ere named after that city. He asked if he could name one of them. He now wants them to be named Gertrude and Gunther. He said he loved the movie journey to the Center of the Earth growing up so he wanted my goose to be named after the goose in the movie. He thinks they should have Russian names since the breed originated in Sebastopol, not the Greek names I had planned on naming them. (My dogs name is Pandora- I like Greek Mythology.) So we will see about the names. Gertrude and Gunther are kind of growing on me the more I think about it.