this is my BYC page
here are some pictures of my poultry:
here is "cassinova" my favorite rooster. he is a black tailed buff japanese bantam.

"gardenia" my midget mutt rooster

my white silkie rooster "maggie"

my buff silkie rooster "vivian"

my white brahma hen "baby"

"josiphina" my white silkie hen

"henrietta" my mutt hen sadly she passed away recently... she will be greatly missed

her twin sister "toots"

"pretty" my mystery hen

"andy" (white) and "penelope" (yellow) also mystery hens

my white chinese goose "lucy" and pekin duck "willie"

my three guineas "lenny guinea" "penny guinea" and "jenny guinea"

and my new babies: 3 golden campine pullets 3 golden polish pullets and 1 polish cockerel
campines: "ann" "bec" "maria". polish: "amadeus" "lynn" "millie" "hariett"





i will try to post more resent ones soon.