First you build 8x6 square with three support beams the you make six 1ft legs coming off the bottom, three on each side. Then make another 8x6 square to put on the bottom. That will get you coop 1foot off the ground. Photo Jun 25, 8 57 41 PM.jpg After that you build a 8x6 square and put three support beams, one length ways and two on each side of that, screw the plywood on that; That will be your floor. Screw in to the top of the thing you just made. Then make two 6x6 squares and put two support beams in the middle. Screw plywood onto that. Those are your two short sides. Take one short side and cut a hole 5x3. Put a beam across the wood 1ft down, that will be a window covered in chicken wire. Save the plywood you cut our then cut 1ft off that and it will be your door. Photo Jun 25, 8 57 27 PM.jpg Take the other short side and cut a 1x1 square 1 inches off the bottom and the side of the bottom corner. Then you put two pieces of wood to keep the door in place, look at this picture to better understand that. Photo Jun 25, 8 58 39 PM.jpg Photo Jun 25, 8 57 04 PM.jpg Photo Jun 25, 9 00 19 PM.jpg Tie a string to the top of that door, put a little pulley above put the string through that and bring the string to the outside of the coop. You can then pull that string wich opens the door to let them out Photo Jun 25, 8 58 27 PM.jpg Put a ramp on the outside of the door so they can get down easily. You then make two more squares, one 8 feet wide and 6 feet tall and the other 8 feet wide and 5ft 6in tall. Put three support beams in that. Put plywood on and that is the front and back. We made the front of ours out of some old barnwood but most people don't have that so you just make the two walls like I said above. You can cut out as big of holes you want on the front and back for the more ventilation you need. Inside the coop there is a piece of plywood over a window that I can Slide open when it is hot and shut it during the cold months. Photo Jun 25, 8 57 14 PM.jpg Also on the front cut another 1x1 and make another door like we did already. For the roof I just used some tin. Last but not least make a frame for an outside area, I usually only use it for teenage ducks because my full grown ones free range. put chicken wire around that and a piece off plywood for the top.
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