Old English Game Silver Laced

By tigerrrrrrrlilly · Jan 10, 2012 · ·
  1. tigerrrrrrrlilly

    Old English Game
    Silver laced Created by tigerrrrrrrlilly
    Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

    I find OEGB's to be the smartest (and sneakiest)of all my bantam breeds. Very entertaining and super curious! Silver-laced is a newly developed color for this breed.





    Description / Information


    My pretty little hen. Always hiding her eggs in the wierdest places so I won't find them.​


    A pretty good boy, not too feisty and watches over/takes care of the girls very well. He sings the egg song and guards them when they lay, yells when he can't find them and keeps the dogs away. A very charming and proud roo.​


    Color true, chicks almost look like sebrights.​


    Very tiny!​

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  1. Farmergreen
    Do they have this in the standard Yet
  2. Elbert Garrett
    Beautiful little birds!
  3. chem
    oh wow, so beautiful! i got 2 OEGB chicks and i really thought one was a sebright.... now that i am looking at this i believe i have a silver laced! :)
    this is so cool, i would love to show you pictures and stories of mine sometime so you can compare and give me your opinion.
  4. ztedder95
    yes they are gorgeous, i want one
  5. DanielBee
    Hi Tigerrrrrrrlilly!
    Your Silver Laced are the first Old English SL we have seen. Very pretty! Over the yeras we have had SL Wyandottes and Cochins. Years ago a gentleman from Anahiem had a few SL Japanese. Do you plan to have any chicks or eggs you might sell for hatching? We are in Massachusetts and have no idea about laws are concerning shipping birds. Anyway, Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures.

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