My First Girls
I got my first hens three weeks before we were able to move into our new home. They were all a week old, and there were 13 of them. We lost one to some unknown cause around 6 weeks of age, but the rest of "The Girls" are fat and sassy.
Some pictures:
This is Amnesty. She is a black sex-link hen. When my niece Tori came to visit me from Georgia, she gave her the name Amnesty. She is a very unique looking chicken, with a fitting name.

Here are a few of the girls...trying to figure out how to get into that empty feed sack just out of frame...
And here is Sassy, my favorite Barred Rock hen. She's called Sassy because she is just that...Sassy!!
I plan on getting individual pictures of all my older girls the next nice day my sister is over to visit. She's the only who will help me with such a crazy undertaking!!