One free rooster. Sure why not. Free is free... A rooster could be fun. I don't have neighbors close enough to care and I get up before the sun anyway.
To the lady that offered the free rooster on craigslist and mentioned this site (where I found the idea for this chicken coop) Thanks a whole bunch.
That stupid free rooster has cost me over 500 bucks in materials for a chicken coop, kept me up at night, and psychologically tormented my dog.


I stay up late working on the darn thing

The chicken terrorizes the dog.

HE's pretty sure he's a rock star which is why we named him bon jovi

And now I'm looking for 5 hens.

Some more progress on the coop:

The fuzzy ones arrived. I got the brown egg grab bag from that my pet chicken.

Got the front door on this weekend