Bowser, the pet tiny cock, with me at the Kelso Highland games
Hello and welcome to the personal page of the Olympia Chicken Guy. I currently reside in Olympia, Washington with seven chickens at the moment, and I rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome chickens, as well as offer chicken training services. I strongly believe in alternate ways of approaching "problem behaviours", and I strongly advocate for the fair and humane treatment of all fowl. My ultimate goal - my LIFE'S mission statement - is to see a world where animals are seen and treated as equals, and respected for what they give to us, be it food, clothing, entertainment, or companionship. I want to see a world where humane conditions for keeping animals is common place, and humane methods of slaughter and euthanasia are just as important for them as they are for us and our own survival. I also want to see a world where animals aren't thrown away just because they don't meet our expectations, or where animals are harmed for our entertainment.

I personally don't believe in fighting of animals or the mass-production of animals for our own benefit. I focus my rescue efforts on roosters since they're so painfully misunderstood and unwanted. It makes me sick how "disposable" roosters are, and I strive to someday have the resources to be able to collaborate in cock fighting busts to be able to take in and rehabilitate the birds.

I have no qualms against breeding chickens when the breeder is doing so in the best interest of the species as a whole. I absolutely do not condone hobby breeding, or the breeding of unhealthful conditions for the birds. I also have no qualms with backyard slaughter, when it's done in a humane fashion. I have no qualms with eating the animals we raise, so long as we respect them, and I have no qualms with making money off of their products, so long as we don't let greed overshadow their own comfort and happiness.

Well, maybe I'll add more to this later, but for now... I haven't slept in way too long. See you later, folks!

The flock taking a trip into town.
Left to right: Bowser, Bo, Ziggy, and Eddie. ( not pictured: Faust, Lightning, and Quincy )