My name is Mike and I am a fifth generation farmer in The Dalles, OR. My family and I manage almost 400 acres of cherries here in the Columbia River Gorge. I raised chickens for 4-H as a kid and just got back into the poultry this spring. At present I have chickens (mostly black and white Jersey Giants) and White Midget Turkeys. Recently I decided I would like to breed chickens for my own enjoyment as well as to preserve the breed(s). I joined the forum to network with other poultry enthusiasts and to make contacts for breeding stock to begin my flock. I am still trying to decide what breed(s) upon which I would like to focus but at this point I am leaning towards Jersey Giants and White Midget turkeys. I would like to hatch my eggs with broody hens and I believe I might get some standard cochins for this purpose. I will post pictures of my birds and facilities soon.


Some pictures for your enjoyment: