One On Top Of Another

By soffeann1997 · Apr 9, 2012 ·
  1. soffeann1997
    Need Something To Do When Your Bored With Chickens?

    Ok so this is how this started,

    My friend Casey and I were out in the chicken coop, we were playing with the chicken when Casey sat our Blue Orphington on top of my Barred Rock so she could grab my Buff Orphington. I happend to notice how cute it was and yelled " run and grab the camera," so after stacking the Barred Plymouth Rock and Lavender Orphington we decided to try three. So we put the Americana (Easter Egger) on the bottom and on top of her was my Buff Orphington and then the Lavender Orphington.

    Barred Plymouth Rock on the bottom and Lavender Orphington on the top! =]


    On the bottom is the Americana (Easter Egger) The middle one is my Buff Orphington and the one on top is a Lavender Ophington.

    Breeds: Americana, Buff Orphington, Lavender Orphington
    Age: All around 1 year

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