One Who Flew Over The Cukoos Nest K C Backyard Flock

By raceon54 · May 6, 2012 · ·
  1. raceon54
    Describe 'One who flew over the cukoo's nest... K & C backyard Flock' here
    Last year my significant other Ken introduced me to chickens when I told him I would love to hand raise chickens for eggs.. We took an old bike shed, outbuilding and he framed it in , and built a caged enclosure which we call the playpen for when we are not home to let them free Range. The kids helped us paint and we used chalkboard paint so that we could leave funny messages etc..... We are from Washington State and will be taking off the plastic on the windows soon which are chicken wire..[​IMG]

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  1. texasgurl
    What a wonderful idea! I may just steal it... our coop is in need of repainting and this looks like fun! Thank you for sharing! : )
  2. raceon54
    We started out with baby chicks last June, A silver wyndotte, rhode island red, white leghorn, austroloup, Amerucana, and barred rock. They all turned out to be hens. The white leghorn passed away in March, she was our best layer.. The 5 girls who will be a year in June 2012 Give us 5 eggs a day. They are very spoiled and follow us around the yard when we do yard work.. Free range most of the time and know when it is time to go home to thier coop. The rhode Island red likes to jump in my truck when I open the gate... and take a ride in our small driveway. I have been really enjoying my new hobby and my family loves the fresh eggs! We just added 4 more banty's to the flock and they are all getting a long quite well... I think we spoil them so much that they are just happy girls.... I am glad that I found a group of people who enjoy chicken keeping like I do.. My friends and family think I have gone nuts... They never complain when I give them fresh eggs though and my nieghbors are elderly and enjoy watching them out and about during the day.

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