A little about me: Long-time horse owner/trainer of hunters, dressage and jumpers. I've shown extensively in many states, many breeds and disciplines. I focus primarily on hunters with junior and amatuer riders. I live with a wonderful man who shares my love of animals and country life. Other roommates include: dogs (Beagle, Jack Russell, Heeler and Hank the Hound Dog), Cockatiels (Pearl and Boyd), a Conure (Opus), Seramas (Gabby, Rusty and Black Bart) plus four babies we've chosen to keep (three are two young to sex and one tiny white roo...hopefully our new head guy!), Rhode Island Reds (The Butt Sisters-Bertha and Betty plus little Disco...child of Bertha or Betty...he had crooked toes which we splited with some rolled up tinfoil...dubbed the Disco Boot...hence his name!), The Easter Eggers (Agatha-who's white, Blue-our lovely roo, and Red...the red, white and blue Americaunas), Our newest member is a lovely Buff colored Mille Fleur D'Uccle (Millie...at least I think it's a hen...she's young). Two new cockatiels that are unnamed as of yet (male lutino and female cinnamen pearl). I'm located in Southern Alabama and would love to network with other chicken/animal folks.