Meet the cluckers!!! (all my ladies are 14 weeks/12 weeks and some newbies that are 4 weeks!)
My sweet girl (Barred Plymouth Rock) LOLA! So far she is the biggest of the group. She often looks grumpy with that stink eye look but she's really just a doll! Loves to jump up on me whenever she has the chance! :)

This is Marilyn (Monroe) She's a beautiful Golden Comet. Friendly girl and LOVES her treats! Also loves having the camera on her...such a diva! ;)

This is Lucille (Ball) aka- Lucy. Also a Golden Comet. She's always the first to come greet me and she is names after the right person because she makes me laugh more than any of the other chickens!

My beautiful girl, Bella. A Golden Laced Wyandotte. LOVES to have her belly rubbed and also loves to pick at any jewelry I might be wearing.

This is Liz (Taylor). She's a Silver Laced Wyandotte..although she doesnt have too much silver on her . She was almost totally black for a long time and she is now getting the I'm hoping she'll be more "lacey" looking soon. Sweet girl but very shy!

One of my favorites, Maureen (O' Hara) I call her "Mo" She's a Rhode Island Red and is such a sweet bird! Loves to hang out with me and "talk". :)

My younger group...
My Welsummer Tinkerbell (or maybe Brown Leghorn..dunno yet!)

My Speckled Sussex...