Opiyfz450s Chicken Coop

By opiyfz450 · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. opiyfz450
    This is what started it all!
    The coop is 8x8 and i used treated 6x6 posts concreted in the ground.
    The floor is treated plywood and treated 2x6 joists.
    My coop in 6' high inside and will have a loft for storage.
    7/16 preprimed t1-11 on the outside.
    I used full 4x8 sheets of t1-11 to save on cutting.
    Instead of buying a door i chose to build one of my own.
    Roof was framed on 16" centers and i used 2x4s.
    I made the roof pitch high for storage and the kids love playing up there.
    Finally paint! I never realized the work that i was getting into!
    20 year shingles on the roof.
    I used 1x3 pine boards for my trim around the windows and door.
    Nest boxes are mounted 23 in off the floor. I used plywood and osb to construct them.
    Oh i have 7 buff orp and 7 lt br leghorns.
    My feeder that i made will hold 100lb of feed, the lid on top is on hinges for easy filling.

    The roost is made up of 2x4s mounted at 3 different levels. 1.5' 3' and 4.5' off the floor. Naturally they
    all like to be on the top.

    I made these windows and covered the opening with 1/2" hardware cloth.
    Outside view of window.
    Side opening on hinges for added ventilation during the warmer months.
    This is the upstairs loft for storage.
    My run is 16' x 8' and 6 1/2' high.
    The run posts are cemented into the ground, Bottom 4' is hardware cloth turned out and burried 4" deep.
    Top of run is covered with standard poultry netting.
    Thanks for looking. And thanks to all you good people at BYC for all the ideas that i used from many coop designs and from looking around on the forum. This coop took me about 6 weeks to build on weekends and evenings and im so glad its done! Now i can enjoy watching my flock as they grow.

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  1. karenerwin
    "Nice coop!"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 9, 2018
    I like your coop. How is the storage overhead working out? How do you keep the chickens out of it? How do you get in it ? Or are you tall enough that it isn't a problem for you?
    I like how you made your windows.
    I am concerned that the run is partly covered in poultry cloth/chicken wire ( I don't remember which you said:idunno). My concern is that raccoons will climb up the hardware cloth/welded wire and then tear through the chicken wire.

    The homemade feed holder/feeder looks like a great idea too. How is it working out? Does the food stay mold free? Do the mice stay out of it?

    All in all, I think you made a real nice coop. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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  1. lmdengler
    This is really nice. Can you estimate how much it cost?
  2. rosiesgirls
    What a great setup! I'm getting ready to build my first coop...I hope it comes out nearly as nice!
  3. bp11chickens
    This coop is great!!
  4. Iuvmychix
    I agree.Do you have any plans? :)
  5. chickenlover124
    im gonna build this! i love it do u have any plans for it?
  6. chickenlover124
    im gonna build this! i love it do u have any plans for it?
  7. Tambo26
    Wouldn't it be so nice if that beautiful green grass would stay inside the run! Your coop is beautiful!
  8. LoveChickens123
  9. ethanwroberts
    can you tell me how much it cost becasue i would like something like that
  10. chicken girl 8
    can you post pics of the stairs to the loft. please
  11. sdelfe
    How do you get up into the loft?

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