[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Our family consists of two grown children, 2 grandchildren, my husband and me. We have 3 labs, 1 pitbull, and 2 French bulldogs. Over the years we have adopted 7 cats, 2 rabbits, one turtle, the hens and Ellie of course, two horses (Miss Apples and Miss Prada), fish and two parakeets. As is true for all pet lovers, they are a lot of work, but we enjoy them and would not have it any other way. We are home bodies and take enjoyment and laughter from watching our pets and interacting with them. [/FONT]
I would love to speak with anyone interested in having a small backyard flock. I think it is important in this day and age in which we live to learn to be a little self-sufficient. We will have a larger garden this year than last and I will continue to start my own seeds. We will buy local and in season. Our township offered us rainbarrels last fall for a decent price and once the weather turns warmer, I will hook them up. I use my chicken manure and rabbit manure to improve the soil; they don't call the area in which we live, "the sand hills" for nothing. I compost all my kitchen waste, or I should say that which the "girls" as my husband calls them, won't eat. My girls do not run free, but when I am out working in the yard, I allow them to forage for ticks and bugs, and an occasional worm that I throw their way. I don't sell my eggs, but give them to those that appreciate the difference between fresh and store bought. And often my quilters will find a dozen fresh eggs on their porch with their finished quilt. Kind of like when the milk man use to bring milk and butter to your home.