It really is Craig's fault that we have it really is mine, but it's more fun to tell people his story.
About 2 years ago, Craig had to be driven to work for medical reasons, and on the way to work, they passed a house with chickens free ranging in the front yard. So being the type of people we are, he BAWKed at them, super loud, just to see what they would do. And of course, the chickens responded just how we hoped by all standing up quickly, stretching their heads up and looked at him, ALL AT ONCE! OMG, talk about the funniest thing you have ever seen!
So everyday he would do this until one day there was no chickens...I think the lady at the home was outside one day and heard him bawking at her girls, and moved them to the backyard. =)
We still drive by that house to see if they are there, and every once in a while we see a girl, and of course one of us, bawks at it! BAWWWWWWWWWK Try it, and see what happens!

So if you can't tell, we are "talk to the animal people". In their language just never know what you are gonna tell them and how they are going to react!
Mooooooo, Baaaaaaaaaa, Bawwwwwwwwwwwk