Exciting weekend here in Hillsvale..... four footed critters arrived April 24th and 25th and May 1st
a male goat (75% boer) approximately 3 months old hanging with his buddy the lamb (kathadin/Jacob) also approximately 3 months old. Can you see the look of defiance on the goats face!

piggies..... berkshire, saucy little things and loved their day outdoors! approximately 3 months old. Our first evening of getting them into their hut for the night should have been filmed... between treat training and panels to guide them in.... ya OK, I caught the female and tossed her into the hut.... her brother was finally convinced to go to be! lol

chickies... 2 welsummer, 2 americauna, 2 australorp... forgot how little they can be. Born Apr 23

New lamb born mid-March... he is a people lamb... loves to be out with us, that is not our black american cocker you see! lol

then there is gobble gobble gobble, goose goose goose... oh.... and 25 meaties...
three blue slate turkeys and three african grey geese ... love them

meaties... the first of 75!

new one of the blue slates... sadly we lost one due to wide load goosie butt syndrom (its sat on the turkey)

columbian roo 18 weeks old

silkies..... 18 weeks old