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By sires6 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. sires6
    Ok, so count me blind. I had to put it on Book Antiqua, because I like the font, but I also had to put it on 18 pt, cuz I must be getting blind.

    Who are we?
    We are 4 humans:

    My husband serves in the Military (yes, he's in there... He's the boss). [​IMG]
    I am a self-employed Stay at Home Mom with two girls at home.
    We had 4 kids, but two married off and are hatching their own now. I have three grand babies (sorry Shane and Ally... but you're my kids and I love you!) and another on the way (June 2010).

    I am NOT old enough, but it keeps happening so ... well, what the heck.
    We are Catholic. I put that in there because I wanted to.

    We are home schoolers and we are new to the whole Chicken thing. I just, last week, got my first chicks. 26 of them. We plan on the broilers becoming freezer meat. As for the other 14, well, they are cute and fun. I made my own brooder from a pattern on Mother Earth News.

    As for chicks, we have 26: These are just a few. They are so cute:

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