My friend and I decided that we wanted to raise some chickens. We grow our own veggies and decided we wanted to take a little bigger step towards raising our own food (eggs, not meat). When we started researching different styles of coops we knew we wanted something functional yet complimentary to our backyard landscaping. We are an older couple (retired) and neither of us had ever built anything like this before so it was quite a challenge. Amazingly enough it soon took shape and we are very proud of our "lite kyckling hus" (Swedish for llittle chicken house). The coop has a fully enclosed run below and we also have a 40X 40 ft free range area. The girls like to fly over this fence, which is 3 ft high, so we have had to clip their wings to prevent it. This saves our flower garden from being ravaged by the girls and the girls from being ravaged by our Corgis. We have received so many compliments from our friends locally but we are open to comments and suggestions, would love to hear from you. Eric and Maureen.
note: We saw this coop on YouTube. The lady that designed it lives in Seattle, Wa.


coop is nearly finished The at this point. There are two doors at each end. The west end has an egg door and run door and the east end has a window and run door.


East sido of coop. Used an old window for morning sun. We have solar lights at each end of the coop incase we need to check on the girls at night.


Nesting boxes and me peaking through the egg door.


Doorway and stairs leading to the first floor.


Outside view of egg door and three nesting boxes (this was really tricky!).


Inside view of coop. Window on right opens and closes on hinges and gives the girls lots of ventilation. Also have a three foot long wire grid underneath the roost , it is covered in this picture, the cover can be removed for more ventilation in warmer weather.


This is the main run which is fully enclosed. The wiring also runs under the floor so that the girls are safe from critters. There are doors at both ends of the run making it very easy to clean and change food and water. The coop is 6 ft long by 3 ft wide and 7 ft tall, it housed our 5 birds nicely. The run area is approx. 6ft X 7Ft.


Easy accesss to the rewards of raising chickens.


The grandkids love the chickens ! They made these name plates for all the girls.
Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed it as much as we do. Eric, Maureen, - Grace, Mia, Abby, Addie and Jack (grandkids). Molly and Max (Corgis) and our 9 Koi


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