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By SharonJean · Mar 5, 2013 · Updated Mar 5, 2013 ·
  1. SharonJean
    Hello from sunny Pensacola, FL. I'm Sharon and My Fiance and I just started our first flock. It all started with my mother in law! She was moving and needed someone to take care of her 9 hens till she was all moved in and had a new coop built. after a few months of feeding the girls and gathering eggs both Kyle (my fiance) and I fell in love with the chickens and took on a whole new little brood of our own. We started out with just a few but then went back to the store and got a few more and wound up with the perfect little mix of a 9 three day old baby chicks. They are one month old now and venturing outside, we love our little flock and couldnt ask for a more awesome bunch of chickens to raise! we have 4 Buff Orpingtons, 3 of which are unnamed because we cant tell them apart, except for Buddy who loves to be held and is the only one who doesn't run away from a hand in the brooder. 2 Amerucanas (not sure if they are Easter Eggers or not because they are store bought) Chip (short for Chipmunk) who has big fuzzy cheeks and loves to perch sideways stretch one wing all the way out as she sleeps and Dip who has her own attitude and pretty much rules the roost. 2 Black sex links, Nugget who is always hyper, even when the rest are sleeping, which is her favorite time to run around and wake everyone up! and Oreo who is calm and has one white dot on the bottom of each wing. And last but not least we have 1 Rhode Island Red named Little Red, who took to me first and loves to sit on my shoulder, shes not too fond of any other person though so she has a special place in my heart. And that is our flock and the story of how they came to be! So here are some pictures:[​IMG]This is Chip with her fuzzy cheeks that almost get in her eyes sometimes.
    [​IMG]One of our Buffs
    [​IMG]I'm pretty sure this is Buddy, thats Kyles hand and hes always holding Buddy.

    [​IMG]Their new Brooder they will stay in till they go outside soon. Made from a dog kennel

    [​IMG]First trip outside, they were scared at first but warmed up to it quickly[​IMG]Little Red photo shoot!

    [​IMG]One of our Buff Orpingtons being curious of the camera :)


    [​IMG]Nugget (black sex link) is getting some beautiful feathering!

    [​IMG]Chip at one month with her fuzz ball cheeks still intact!

    [​IMG]Little red at a couple weeks old

    [​IMG]a week old Nugget (black sex link)

    [​IMG]Our Little Red a few days old

    [​IMG]More outside time






    [​IMG]They are getting more feathers everyday!![​IMG]This was their first brooder made from an old laundry room sink.

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