Our Flock
On impulse, we started with 12 chicks from the Feed store one day, 4 Rhode Island Red/Production Reds, 4 Ameracauna (Easter Eggers), and 4 Golden Laced Wyandottes. (Four of each because we just could not decide)
The plan was to split the dozen up with a friend where I board my horse. She already owned a Red Rooster and a buff colored hen from a school egg project and after a quick call to her we decided she was going to raise the chicks and we were going to share the eggs.
My children could not stand to part with the chicks each time we went to the ranch to feed/visit my horses. My wonderful husband agreed to construct a chicken coop for our backyard at some point in the future and we decided to start a venture of raising chickens for the purpose of teaching the children about livestock and some business as we intend to sell some of the eggs.
Two weeks later, my friend got sick suddenly and needed to be hospitalized so I got a call early one morning to go get the chicks as she was in the emergency room. The chicks had grown and were still cute but I noticed a distinct smell. I cleaned out the rubbermaid tub and thought "that is better". I continued about the day and in about an hour or so I went downstairs and smelled the chicks again!-
I realized that they were not going to be able to stay inside another day so off to Tractor Supply to purchase some chicken supplies. My 7 month old puppy was going to have to be temporarily outed from her kennel and would have to get by in the crate and side yard.
Armed with a roll of chicken wire, a brooder light , a larger waterer and some small zip ties, I spent the afternoon converting the kennel into a chicken run. I added a converted old Vari Kennel, some pine shavings and a brooder light hung with an extension cord and we were all set. The only worry at that time was Lilly and her Twisted/crooked beak.
A few weeks later, my friend found an add on Craigs list for a 8 week old Purebred Ameracauna Wheaten Rooster (from a breeder, not a hatchery) and asked if I was interested, I thought sure, with no idea what a Wheaton is but thinking it would be good since we had 4 Ameracauna hens right??
So we purchased this cute little guy and introduced him to our little flock. Peaches took an instant dislike to Oliver. Hmmm. I wondered, could Peaches be a rooster? It appears so. Honey, after you build the coop for the back yard, I am going to need another bachelor pad for the ranch ok?
I also realized that our three remaining Ameracauna hens were in actuality Easter Eggers and began entertaining the idea of purchaing some wheaten hens.