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By GardenGal · Jan 12, 2012 · Updated May 1, 2012 · ·
  1. GardenGal
    We lost our beloved Kahuna last night. I was letting them free range and came inside for just one moment, and in that moment a coyote came and took her from us.

    Many is the time I've stood outside with the chickens, cold, thirsty, hungry, really tired of standing, that I've thought about Jesus being our good shepherd, and how perfect that analogy is in many ways. A lot of times the chickens have no idea why I'm just standing around, or ruining their fun of running into the road for worms after a good rain. They are certain I will always be here to give them food and treats, spend hours outside with them, and keep them safe.

    I've thought about that regarding myself. Sometimes I think I have a wonderful idea which in fact is not so wonderful, and I feel tempted to grumble at God. Sometimes I take it for granted how much God does for me, cares for me, and keeps me from harm.

    And unlike me, Our good Shepherd is perfect. He will never let us down or be looking the other way when something bad happens to us. I'm so grateful for that, and I'm so grateful that He created this wonderful chicken who was a bright spot in my life for a year. I believe I'll see her again, and what a happy day that will be.


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  1. GardenGal
    Amen :) Thank you both.
  2. Desiree Brown
    That was beautiful .. Sometimes it takes a loss to remind us of his love. I am so greatful to have an AMAZING GOD! Thankful to be one of his chickens in his flock lol..
  3. Jadnils
    So sorry for your loss and sooo true about our Lord and savior!
  4. GardenGal
    Thank you, RL :)
  5. Roosterlover5
    Thats beautiful.

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