our little red barn

By carlsonbwin · Mar 3, 2018 ·
  1. carlsonbwin
    Bought little red barn from TSC seemed a little small for our 7 hens so put up a 8 x 10 shed and added windows and one door then hooked everything together and added the run. They now have an indoor and outdoor coop plus a movable run to stretch their legs.
    DSC01127 1.JPG DSC01127 1.JPG DSC01127 1.JPG DSC01126.JPG DSC01127 1.JPG DSC01126.JPG DSC01127 1.JPG DSC01126.JPG

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  1. Albertan
    That is great! It is so cute! I bought the same coop 2 years ago. I have modified mine too. Lol!​

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