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By LovinChicknFarmn · Jan 6, 2013 · Updated Jan 9, 2013 · ·
  1. LovinChicknFarmn
    We starting keeping chickens two years ago. I'd always liked chickens, but hadn't entertained the idea of keeping chickens until I met someone who was keeping chickens in his backyard in a nearby town. He invited me to meet his back yard flock and the rest is, as cliched people say, history. We started with three pullets, two buff Brahmas and an Ameraucana, from my new chicken-keeping friend who we affectionately call "The Chicken Man." We soon found out one of our starter flock was a rooster. Since we live inside city limits, we aren't supposed to keep roosters, so he went to live with an old high school acquaintance who keeps chickens way out in the country. After deciding to replace him, we brought home two more hens, a Barred Rock and Iowa Blue.

    Here's Pouncey and Erickson, our Ameraucana and Brahma.​

    This is our Barred Rock, Bossy.

    And, our wild little Iowa Blue, Ocho.

    We love our girls. They're pretty spoiled. They have a daily supply of treats from our leftovers and they love to forage in the backyard. Among there favorites are bigs (of course), scratch, anything resembling bread, and all kinds of meat.

    Every spring one of our girls, Erickson the Brahma, gets Broody, so we track down some fertile eggs. The first year we got them from The Chicken Man and this year we bought some from a fellow member of BYC. Our first hatching went well. We had a tiny flock of Japanese/Old English chicks that all turned out to be roosters. Talk about high strung! They had to find good homes elsewhere. This year we hatched out a hen/rooster pair of Splash Marans. After finding a home for the Roo, we kept the beautiful little hen we named Belle.

    Here's our pretty Marans, Belle. ​

    I don't know what breed we'll get next, but we're having a great time raising backyard chickens and we talk it up any time we can. We're Chicken Ambassadors through and through. I live in the city, but I've got a cute little farm in my backyard.

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  1. Funky Chooks
    Loved your story and wow, Belle is gorgeous! Thanks for the info on broody mamas also, I was considering doing that this spring!
    Nice flock!
  3. WestminsterHens
    I like Bossy and Belle!
  4. blondiebee181
    Aw! Pretty girls! I've never seen Buff Brahmas before, they are cool! I want one! I too live in the city (and I'm over my limit for backyard poultry!) In Boise they just changed the limit to 6, but I still have 7 :)
  5. Mac14
    Love your story! :)
  6. chickenmanpage
    nice variety!!
  7. SonSet Farm
    Love your backyard flock! I think you should add a maran or orpington!!
  8. Gallina Sarda
    Your flock is beautiful! Congrats on POW
  9. willowbranchfarm
    Congrats on POW
  10. Brandi Leigh
    Beautiful little flock!
  11. Chickens R Us
    Love the Splash!
  12. Amerraucana101
    Great looking birds!!!
  13. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process.
  14. chickenpooplady
  15. Sunnysimplelife
    Great story. I only have two girls right now and would love to add to my flock this spring.

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