The new and improved Kleiman Koop.

After almost five years with chickens, we finally created a new and improved coop!

We used a gazebo that was already in our yard as the frame and built the coop into it, and the whole gazebo became the run. This is far more secure, and better looking, than our first attempt. It is also much easier to access and to clean.


We built in two nesting boxes, with outside access.


The inside has a natural branch for a roost, as well as a 2x2 for support.


The side of the coop has a window that is lined with hardware cloth, so it can be opened for extra ventilation.


Clementine the Auracauna, Petunia the Barred Rock, and Harlow the Black Star.

Since these pictures were taken, we have also lined all of the wooden lattice work with hardware cloth, as well as lined the
entire floor of the run with hardware cloth.
We have also hung some mirrored garlands to help deter hawks.
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