Our Serama Coop
We just built this incredible Serama coop.
The above photo shows the "work" bench to the right. This will actually hold our little HovaBators along with the chick brooders. Underneath the bench we store their food in plastic stacking tubs.
Under the window you can see our old salvaged GQF cabinet incubator. It's actually under the bench now and out of the direct morning sunlight that window receives.
This photo shows 3 of the 4 separate pens. The indoor part is 4.5x4.5 feet. Each pen will have it's own outdoor run as well.
In this photo you can see the storage area above the 4 pens. This will also hold some smaller breeding & brooding cages. However, I'm not sure how useful small breeding cages at our place. I cannot stand to see them "cooped" up for very long.