Our Flock The hen house was converted from the former owner's "canning kitchen" moved it to it's new location near the greenhouse,
under a lovely stand of pine trees. It has electricity and water outside and inside. The door has hardware cloth inserts for summer and wood
inserts for cold weather. Two window, eave vents, & a stovepipe provide ventilation. The wide roof overhang is nice too. A cute little complex on the hill.

Inside of the coop, the ladies love their automatic fountain and the nest boxes built from some old cabinet doors. The pop door is underneath!

Brooder for the juvenilles, hinged so it folds flat when not in use. The feeders hang from under the lid, bringing them up to fill easily.

The hens free range every afternoon. And wouldn't you know, there's alway a line for the ladies room! Ah, the chicken pen thinking bench.

Our Farm Page Caney Creek Farm is the love of our lives, 90 acres nestled in the SW Missouri Ozarks.

Around the farm

Our 2009 AQHA Foal
Go Speed Racer..,
Some of the calves

Pssst, hey Angus!
Some Farm products