Overrun with Runners? Is there such a Thing?

By barnardflock · Sep 24, 2015 · Updated Sep 26, 2015 · ·
  1. barnardflock
    "Texas" (My most favorite runner duck! He's a sweet boy with a bubbly personality!)
    I can't say enough good about Indian Runners!
    Maybe I'm a little bias, but I sure do love my ducks! They are friendly, fun, and just plain cute (you can correct me on that if you have a different opinion)! Aside from all that, they lay eggs, don't crow (although they do get a little loud at times!) And get along great with every animal that will get along great with them!
    Just want to share some pictures of my flock!
    Texas' sister, "Missy" short for Mississippi
    "Texas" and "Missy"
    "Texas" (yes, I play favorite with my ducks!
    "Quackers" (just hatched in July) and "Sadie" the australorp
    "Minny" (short for Minnesota) and "Missy"
    "The Boys" "Texas" and "Tennesee"

    Oh....I will have to get some up of Indy soon!

    More pictures to come! (As I get them as have time!)

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  1. N F C
    I love the variety of colors & markings and they have such fun expressions. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

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