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Pa Mamahens Member Page

By PA-mamahen · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. PA-mamahen
    I started with Guinea Fowl, which I loved. I had initial permission from our neighbor but due to an unfortunate incident he withdrew his approval of us having them and said he didn't want my birds in his yard anymore. Keeping them locked up was cruel in my book so I gave them to a local farmer and kept my five chickens. My husband installed a fence that would keep the chickens on our side of the property line. Three months later the jerk moved out of his house and it has been abandoned for over three years. I however, expanded my chicken flock, giving no thought at all to what we would do with all those eggs. We recently started taking the eggs to a homeless shelter in town so the girls are now on a mission to feed the homeless. I keep them simply because Chickens are cool people.

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