November 7, 2010
Oh brother, I had a very interesting trip down to the Twin Cities area to pick up a George Mihalik rooster. Started out about 4am to be there around 9. Couldn't sleep past midnight so by then I was already a little tired. First thing that happens - not 5 miles from my house - 2 deer trot into the street, not 25 yrds. in front of me. I'm doing 55mph so I just slammed on my brakes, held the wheel tight, closed my eyes and prayed (a lot)!!!! I haven't a clue how I missed them. When I opened my eyes they weren't a ft. in front of my truck!!! Okay, all is well and I get going again. I little bit later I think that I need some preztels to munch on and go feeling around in the dark for my little bag of goodies that I had packed. I'm trying to drive and find it at the same time and finally locate the bag. Of course it had turned upside down and all of the pretzels fell out all over the place. Fine, I made due with the ones I could find on the seat (waste not, want not).
The next 200 miles are noneventful until I reach Mennomini Falls. I am about 60 miles from my destination. I had looked at my clock and was right on time when all of a sudden I hear this terrible clicking coming from under the hood of my truck!!! It had to be loud to be heard over my radio so I turned the radio down and was thinking many unkind thoughts and decided to pull over.
I stood outside my truck for about a 1/2 hr. trying to flag people down (I had 9 min. left on my cell phone) before this really nice lady pulls over (I was more hoping for a couple of guys that knew about cars - but I was happy for what I got). We finally decide that she should go up to the next exit and call the state troopers. About a another 1//2 hr. (where are the cops when you need them) and this lady cop pulls up (of course, not a man) and after a few minutes later she calls for a wrecker (I see the dollare signs adding up in my head) The wrecker comes, loads up me and my truck and says "where to?" (I'm thinking to myself - how the [email protected]#$ do I know?) I told him very politely that I didn't know and asked for any suggestions that would not break the bank. He ends up calling a friend of his and we take the truck over there and unload it. About 10am. I am wondering where this guy is and another 20 minutes later he shows up.
We push the truck into the garage and thank the lord it was only the battery. He sells me a new one, installs it and we are done. Total bill
Tow - $143.00, New battery - $123.00 (including labor) = $266.00 (definitely cheaper to have the bird shipped). And then I was on my way again.
I got off of the interstate and tried to follow the directions that mapquest gave me and realized that it was very confusing. So after driving back and forth for about 30 minutes I finally found the place.
Once I got there, I was greeted by smiling faces and got to see some absolutely lovely birds. We had a nice long chat and then as I am loading up my rooster he turns around and pecks me on the nose. It took about 15 minutes to stop the bleeding. Anyone ready for a road trip? A very expensive road trip?
I still haven't figured how to upload pictures, but I will!! I really want everyone to see my beautiful Silkies. But maybe I'll wait until they are all done molting.
More later.