I live in Northern Arizona, and recently bought a house with a little bit of property... we went crazy with the birds! We have many many chukar, pheasant, pigeons, japanese quail, bob white quail, turkeys, ducks and chickens. I especially love the bantam sized, their eggs make the best pickled eggs (other than the bite sized quail eggs-yum!). We also have a Basset, a Brittany, and a Bagel (basset/beagle). And 3 goats.

One of the funniest stories I have is one day my fiance' was out walking around the yard, and he had two dogs (one a Brittany), all three goats, and and my pet turkey following him around. The neighbors next door had some friends over roping, and we heard one of them say "Look at that guy, he has a bird dog with a bird following him!" It made us crack up.
I have a silkie rooster named Spot that I acquired from a girl who raised him in town; once he started crowing she couldn't keep him, so he came to our house (in this case, taking the animal to a farm to live the rest of their life was true...). He came with a lovely hand made manual which gave me instructins on when and how to bathe him, what his favorite snacks were, what tricks he can perform, what his favorite stuffed animal was, and what his favorite television shows are (Hannah Montana!). We have so many hens he doesn't come in the house much anymore, but when he does he likes to perch on the couch and watch tv, even if it isn't Hannah Montana.