Jordan Farm is a diversified 4th generation family farm located 45 minutes North of Tallahassee, FL in Cairo, Georgia. Unlike some "farms" that are created overnight in someone's backyard, Jordan Farm sits on almost 200 acres and has fields of row crop land, acres of pasture, fish ponds and last but not least, chicken co-op...or the "Taj Mahal" as some of our customers call it. No matter how you define our co-op - one thing that is for sure is that our poultry is cared for at the highest extent and live here on the farm in the lap of luxury. They enjoy 1000 Milacron filtered water, Purina only feeds, oyster shells, electrolytes, proteins, and various insects and worms. The facility allows them to be warm in the winter with heat lamps and cool in the summer with the natural tree shade coverage, wind free flowing runs and an insulated brooder house.

Our poultry is truly "Pampered Poultry" living in an environment that provides the least amount of stress on the birds while proving them with the amenities essential for healthy way of life. A "Pampered" poult is a healthy and happy poult.

We are NPIP certified (GA-1163) Which means are birds are checked yearly for common diseases, our feed storage and our facility meets or exceeds stringent quality standards. When new birds are brought in; they are housed at an offsite facility until we can confirm we have disease free birds. We also house some of our turkey breeds offsite at our North Florida facility.

The Barbados sheep we raised graze on 30 + acres of pasture and are given peanut hay right off the farm to supplement their nutrients. We have guard llamas and donkeys that provide protection against predators.

In general we provide a secure and protected environment for our animals. From security cameras to our security guards (Kali, Cali and Shelly), the Dobermans on patrol; we strive to create a top notch environment in every way possible for our animals.