My Chicks
I got them March 21,2011 from tractor supplies I thought I got 6 Leghorns and 2 Pekin Ducks.

I thought they were all hens but I must of not payed attention and grabbed 3 from the straight run bin. Three were males two went to freezer camp.
I was hoping to grab one of each sex of duckling but I got two females. :)

Second Batch Of Chicks Got them from tractor supplies on April 27,2011 This Batch Consist of 4 Silkies And 2 Sex Links

The Only Silkie Roo I had But He Passed Away From Swelling Of The Brain

Silkies Hen

Odered a Pair Of White Chinese Geese From Mcmurray Hatchery Got Them April 20,2011

Update! All I have from this post is my Geese the rest were either sold or eaten