I'm just getting this page put together!! Please bear with me. Along with all manner of poultry, I raise Holland Lop and Lionhead rabbits. You can view my rabbitry website, Karrot Kreek Rabbitry at:
Here are some pics to get things started!
This is our reigning king of the chickenyard... our Black Copper Marans rooster - Godzilla
He was a surprise arrival. I had actually ordered a pair of Light Sussex and instead him and a couple of pullets showed up! Not what I expected to greet me when I opened the box!! He is an extremely massive rooster... but earned his name when my little bantam Serama cockeral decided to lay claim to all the pullets and challenge the giant newcomer... truly it was a scene out of a Japanese monster movie. Little Serama vs Monstrous Marans... so thats how he got the name Godzilla. Our Serama roo has since earned the name Napoleon... for his napoleon complex!