The Babies - 27 in all Born 6-23-10

Our Farm started as all great things start - With A Dream!
Around 20 years ago, I bought these almost 15 acres with a creek and a 10 acre meadow. It was beautiful, peaceful, and quiet. I named it “Paradise Found”. I camped on it and had outdoor parties but never used it much. I had plans to build a small, round home and a large barn. I wanted chickens & horses & alpaca. I was a widowed and lonely person then. My grandmother was my world and my rudder through life's tumultuous seas. She lived in Greece and raised chickens and goats. Most of my lifelong friends were taken by a higher power. I couldn’t get out of the rut for about 15 years. Then I met Mark.
We shared our dreams, our passions, and our hopes. Then I got a cancer that almost took my life. Mark was besides me all the way. I once said I was sorry I never did anything with my property. The prognosis wasn’t good for a future, I was given 5 years by the best oncologist. Mark, and Dad - my new rudder, vowed to give me my dream before I died.
Mark, being a C.F.P., needed room for entertaining, and well, clothes, so my small house got bigger. The barn got smaller and smaller, then dissapeared altogether but I was going to be too weak and short-lived for livestock anyway. Mark can do ANYTHING with tools. He missed his calling as a great artesian. My family helped. His family, well most of them might not know which end of a hammer was the handle part (ha
ha) but they tried and were very supportive. It took 2 and a half years to build because we did it ourselves. We married in the meantime and were very happy. It was finished with 6 months to spare on my life expectancy. We then got the great news that the oncologist was wrong! It was truly remarkable, but it was just not right. Something was missing. Something. Something. Something. Something alive!
We rescued a 17 month old Golden retriever. Poor thing, he was never taught anything – not potty, not manners, not his name. But he came from verified show stock and was quite a looker and very happy. The plan for him was that he would live his life out as a stud but then it got waylaid and he became desperate for a good home. A farm home was just the ticket! That this home had patient, loving humans and tile floors was a bonus! So Phyllos (pronounced fee lows) came into our lives. Phyllos means friend in Greek.
We needed something more for our farm. Something inexpensive and easy to house….Hmmmm. Chickens! Martha Stweart did a show many years ago and was bragging about her Ameraucana chickens. Yep! Just like my sainted grandmother, we now are owned by our chickens.
So here we are. Our little family. Dad, who never misses an opportunity to stop by and play with the “kids”. Hairy and fluffy children with happy healthy parents and a grandparent to them who loves them as much as we do. We are truly blessed.

6 Week olds and me

"Elvis" at 8 weeks old


Dad with 8 week olds


"Pretty Boy" - My favorite cockerel - isn't he pretty? 3 1/2 months old October 1st 2010


His colors close up


Blanche 2 a Blue Wheaton Hen and the Cabbage Ball My DH made for them to play with

Pictures of Us

Our Chickens:
ELVIS(Mark's Favorite)



Dinaki: Our best hen (by looks - not personality)

This is "Clara Cluck" She's one of the Cluck Sisters. Telling you in her cheeky way, "Im not fat, I'm fluffy"

Our first egg , the picture doesn't do it's blue justice. They are a blueish-aqua color:

More Eggs

and from those you get these:
New babies born 4-4-2011
"Hunt and Peck"typing?