Part of my flock!

By Laci7210 · Jun 21, 2013 ·
  1. Laci7210

    Reggie my Rhode Island Red rooster! He loves to show off to his hens, the chicks, and even my ducks! He is very protective of his hens too!

    Barra the Barred Rock. She is one on my older hens but she still is laying! She is sweet and but not completely tame.

    Two of my EE pullets! Back is Ella and front is Easta. They both are a little timid/shy but I'm working on trying to tame all of them!

    Coke is another one of my EE pullets. Sometimes 'she' acts like a 'he' though. She puffs up her neck and tries to go after my hand when I reach in to feed/water them.. Shes funny to watch!

    Thats just a fraction of my flock. I have more hens and more pullets. And even turkeys and ducks too!

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