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    [​IMG] My Chicken Endeavors [​IMG]

    Well this is me. I'm a 35 year old mother of 6 children. I have 2 Australian Shepherds and my husband has and Australian Cattle Dog/blue heeler. I grew up in a small town in Tennesse along the Great Mississippi River. I have always had a strong fondness and love of animals. In my past I have raised both rabbits and dalmation dogs for confirmation shows and obedience competitions. I have owned an onslaught of animals from cats, dogs, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and so on. As a child my mother kept chickens in our backyard. I loved hunting in the barn and gardens for eggs each morning. I have fond memories of a beautiful Rhode Island Red hen. As an adult, I have wanted to own my own chickens. My husband and I are now looking to move our family into the country. After all these years, he has given me permission to start up my very own backyard chicken farm. I am very excited and can hardly wait to get started.

    On my page I intend to document my endeavors along the way. Hopefully, this will allow me to look back and learn from my mistakes, and help other "newbies" avoid a few mistakes of their own.

    The first thing I done was think about why I want chickens and what their purpose would be. I know I want them to provide tasty large brown eggs and meat for the table. And I know I want a bird that is attractive to me as well since I'll have to look at them every day. I started out with researching breeds and decided that I want standard Orpingtons and Standard Brahma. Both of these birds fulfill my requirements. I also would like to have some Rhode Island Reds. Being careful not to jump in too deep too fast, I will start out with Orpingtons and add others along the way. With the breed decided, I began researching what I would need for their specific needs and the needs of chickens in general. I came across BYC and it has been a wealth of information and lots of good people willing to answer questions and offer good advice. As I build my coop, run, brooder, incubator and such, I will be using free materials and supplies that I gather from craigslist, freecycle, and from our job sites. I am determined to do this at very little to no cost other than the investment of good quality birds. Because gathering free materials may take some time, I am going to make sure I'm completely set up before purchasing my birds and/or eggs. Wish me luck as I get started. I hope you will enjoy my page.

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    Dang girl! I never saw your hair like that... I like it!

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