I live in the beautiful mountains in Dexter, Oregon. I live on a piece of land that has a year round creek running through 1/3rd of it. Evergreens and decidous provide wonderful shade. We have an open field around a small circle of mature pines which provide shelter for our flock of mostly chickens, followed closely by ducks, then a couple of geese and turkeys (turkeys are set up for next chopping day), as well a two pot belly pigs currently looking for a new home (want a milking sheep or goat instead). Growing naturally on the property are apples trees, cherry tree's, indian plum, another small golden plum, catnip, nettle, plantain, self-heal, salmon berry, thimble berry and many many others, which includes 2 types of black berries.

I grew up in a land far far away from the reality I live in today. I am vegetarian by choice, and sometimes choose not to be. I have found sensitivities to many, many different foods, and am slowly narrowing it down so most days I am comforable. I live with a wonderful man who is not only my husband but my best friend and business partner. We encourage each other to grow and be better humans, doing the best we can to help clean up and protect our Mother Earth. Digging in the dirt is one thing I have stopped trying to stop myself from doing. I surrender to dirt under my nails (and have no problem covering it up with nail polish).

If I remember, I will add more as time allows. As it was I just stole time from a few wheel barrow loads of dirt. DARN : P