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By peachncrm37 · Mar 8, 2014 · Updated Mar 28, 2014 ·
  1. peachncrm37
    4+ call duck hatching eggs from mixed flock

    4+ anconas duck hatching eggs from blue/lilac/chocolate flock (not currently available)

    10+ Bob white quail hatching eggs ( not currently available)

    2 lbs of hemp seed for ANIMAL CONSUMPTION. Has gone through process so they will NOT grow. Great treats and in some of my flocks Ive noticed increased fertility and egg production.

    2 small animal/ferret hammocks (can send pictures)

    Melaleuca body wash hand lotion combo. Great chemical free company can send pictures of product.

    Pick 5 books from authors: heather Graham dean koontz Lisa Jackson Amanda Stephens Linda lael miller hora Roberts also have true blood series will get titles list if interested in this

    Please see my facebook page for pictures of my flock

    Other items will be added too!!!

    Swaps I owe:

    kiwijean83 gets 12 anconas eggs to ship June/July

    FarmrGirl gets 6 anconas eggs to ship June/july

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