Simple A Frame Coop
This Design does not take long to build and if you have kids you know the value of not asking for help when it comes to construction. You can do it single handed in a couple of weekend sessions. The most difficult part is setting the ridge beam and setting the frame braces and holding the whole thing level. The outside frame is two 12' Salt treated 2x4's with one 12' Ridge beam, three 8' cross members, and 6 1/2' frame braces. There are three braces under the house part and three in the yard part. I used as much recycled materials as I could (mostly because I am cheap and green being a byproduct of cheap). The roof is Enduro panels or you could use tin. I used hardware cloth fencing because we plan on having chicks and it is good at keeping out small predators. The yard top is covered with standard chicken wire to keep out hawks or chicken hawks that is. A friend brought me some Pepsi crates from work and said they make for good roosting. Old window frame works good for a door. The back folds open for easy access to eggs, we hope.

The theory is that we can move this whole rig around after the ladies exhaust the prime pecking.

Things I may add are a solar ventilation fan for hot summer days and a heat source for winter .