I live in the mountains near Bakersfield, CA. I've kept a few laying hens for many years, and recently I got them a rooster thinking it might be fun to raise some chicks. I found out quickly that silkies were highly reguarded as broody hens so I bought half a dozen PQ silkie chicks to make sure I got at least a couple of hens (turns out I may only have one LOL!) My chickens have never been pets so I didn't bother to gentle the silkies, I just cared for their needs. I soon found myself spending more and more time in their coop just watching their funny antics and soon was having a really hard time leaving to do my other many chores. Long story short, that was 5 months ago and I now have 20 BQ silkie eggs in the bator (due Aug.19) and my dear Hubby is working on a nice coop & run to house my new "part-time" business! Oh my! Where will it end! Who knew those silkies were soooo addictive! Pictures of new chicks to post shortly (I pray, I pray!)
14 baby silkie's now. I'm in love!