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  1. PeepsCA
    *** Please do not take any of my pictures and use them to sell your birds, keets or hatching eggs. Thanks ***

    Please Note:
    Sorry, I don't ship Eggs, Keets or Adult Guineas out of CA
    (My flocks are not NPIP Certified)

    ~*~ Peeps' Guinea Page ~*~
    (A little history on my Guinea Journey...)

    I've owned/raised/maintained/replenished a flock of full-time free ranging Guineas for years

    (For tick, spider and rattle snake control)

    These are my very first 7 Gangly Guineas...
    (I had no idea what I was getting myself into with these ugly, noisy, stinky things, lolol!)

    And this is one of many hatches that I stole from one of the Hens, lol

    Maturing keets from one hatch that I ended up integrating into the flock...

    And after a few years of stealing keets from cranky vicious Tasmanian Guinea She-Devils,
    I ended up being bitten HARD by the incubating bug during the Spring of 2010...

    I was collecting/incubating eggs from 11 Hens... and I ended up hatching over 300 keets!
    And now... I'm addicted to hatching, BAD, Ugh!
    All I hear Feb thru Sept/Oct is Peep Peep Peep!!!


    A Few 2010 Hatch Pics...
    Some dingdong forgot to back up the files on her laptop, and the hard drive crashed, poofing all the 2010 hatch frenzy pics
    I only have a few pics from back then that I managed to locate...

    320.jpg 320.jpg
    320.jpg 320.jpg
    320.jpg 320.jpg

    Most of keets were Pearl Greys and Royal Purples, but I did hatch a couple Lavenders, a few Chocolates and some Browns too.
    I kept the Lavenders, Chocolates and Browns but I decided I wasn't hatching enough color variety
    and ended up buying a couple small batches of assorted Colors and Pieds later that Spring...

    320.jpg 320.jpg

    And by early 2011 I had increased to 3 breeding flocks (42 adults total - 25 Hens, 17 males)...
    Started collecting eggs from some of my Hens early, the first week in January!

    My first hatch for 2011 was a little tiny one of just 3 precious keets on 2/13/11,
    From then 'til mid September it was a non-stop hatching and overstuffed brooders !!!

    (I'm serious, I had a hatch going on every 4-5 days, one batch of eggs at a time, 4 incubators and a hatcher running non-stop, lol).

    Here are some pics from my 2011 Hatches...
    This is my first year with a new breeding flock and hatching so many adorable colored keets... with so many eggs piling up each day I just could not stop incubating !!!
    My 2011 Keet Hatch Count ended up at *782* on 9/24/11 !!! (Not kidding, lol.)
    of incubating and hatching, whew !!! 8 months

    84252_1sthatch14-7-2011_3keets_2.jpg 84252_2ndhatch2-27-2011_17keets_2.jpg
    84252_3rdhatch3-7-2011_10keetshalf1_2.jpg 84252_3rdhatch3-7-2011_10keetshalf2_2.jpg
    84252_4thhatch3-17-2011_27keetshalf1_2.jpg 84252_4thhatch3-17-2011_27keetshalf2_2.jpg
    84252_6thhatch3-30-2011_16keets2_2.jpg 84252_p4080341.jpg
    84252_hatch8_4-15-2011_1sthalf.jpg 84252_hatch8_4-15-2011_2ndhalf_32keets.jpg
    84252_hatch9_lighthalf11.jpg 84252_hatch9_darkhalf14_4-22-11.jpg
    84252_big10thhatch4-29-11_37rs.jpg 84252_mirrors.jpg

    Ok that rapidly approached overkill with the hatch pics... but you get the general idea of what I've hatched and how many, LOL
    If you were hatching all this cuteness, could you stop at 300, 400 or even 500 keets? Me either, so I kept going, lol.

    A few extra special hatch pics...
    Here's my first little precious Coral Blue Keet that I hatched this year !!! Awwww, I was SO excited!
    And here's a couple Buff Keets, freshly hatched and still wet.

    A lil trio of my FAVORITE colors all from one hatch.
    Coral Blue in the middle, Opaline on the left, Buff on the right. They hated me for making them settle down for this pic

    Here's some pics of some of the Guineas in my Breeding Flocks:
    I've hatched keets in 18 different colors, and LOTS of assorted colored Pieds from their eggs.


    New additions/keepers for 2012 breeding season:
    This pretty Chocolate Hen below is from a 2011 hatch, I have 3 more just like her that I'm also keeping.
    She's my favorite tho... she gets up on the built-in brooder in her coop, comes right up close to my face and we have girl talks, lol

    A very handsome Buff male... (He's a bully, but one of my Favs, can ya tell?)

    A nice looking Pied Cinnamon male... (MrBuff's sidekick/shadow.)

    Another of my FAVORITES... my very first Pied Coral Blue Hen!

    And 2 more of my favs... a couple Pied Powder Blue males... NO PEARLING AT ALL!
    Non-pearled birds are completely new to my flock... I was shocked to hatch out 2 of these guys!

    A couple handsome Pied Pearl Grey males (I kept 14 like this, but sold them at the end of April... I miss them already, sigh)
    I need to add more pics here, since all my pretty keepers are now adults and have feathered out nicely!

    I reluctantly only kept 47 new birds from my 2011 hatches (and replaced 4 worthless 2010 male bullies),
    Which brought my Adult Guinea count up to 85 birds for 2012, and I'll be collecting eggs from 45 Hens!!!

    PMs are always Welcome!

    *** Please do not take any of my pictures and use them to sell your birds, keets or hatching eggs. Thanks ***

    ~*~ Click here to see what's new for 2012 ~*~

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  1. abcbarnes
    Hello Peeps! Love looking at all your guineas!! We must be neighbors as we are near Graniteville, or near Nevada City if you haven't heard of Graniteville. So...quick question, is there a physical way to sex a guinea? We can't decide if we have a hen based on the noise they make or not!?!?! We have 2 so, unless they start laying asap and we catch one in the act we will never know for sure!! We are not so ambitious as to do such a fine job as you...we just want enough on our property to be able to kill the bugs! Ours were raised with our chickens so they think they are just as small as our banty rooster. One of the guineas is a little ferocious so whenever it goes after the other guinea, the scaredy one ducks behind the banty roo n the meanie gets told to take a hike!! Do you have any other types of bird? Besides guinea and quail? Also, unless we have 1 of each then we will need to look into picking some more up for this summer...have any to sell? :)
  2. waddle watcher
    Hellooo again. I must say I'm indeed impressed with both you and your many animal interest. And your waddles are just wonderful. I think your doing only most can dream about and I just know that you and yours are delightful folk. I need to do more investigating because I had no idea these pages of personal information existed. As always, warm regards, Breeze aka waddle watcher
  3. JHorn91180
    Love your page Chrissy. I gotta plan to come over and give your rottwielers big meaty bones then off for a guinea chase. LOL I cant look at your pics with out thinking I will take that one and those and them 2 LOL. U really have a beautiful and unique flock. That choc hen wants to come live with me. I can tell by the look in her eye. Great job on your page and thanks for shareing pics with all of us.
  4. PeepsCA
    The keet/adult ID chart has already been added to my never ending To-Do List... lol. And if I don't quit hoarding new keets from my hatches I'll never get down to a manageable number of birds to be able get everybody NPIP certified!!! It's not looking good at this point, I'm already back up to 125+ birds and the season's not over yet, lol.
  5. WestKnollAmy
    You really are going to have to take plenty of photos of the different colors and label them in keets and in adults to educate all of us. I adore the pieds and pintos in all the colors and hope to breed some of those this year. I can not wait until you can ship eggs! I was so hoping you were going to be able to do that this year!
    As usual, your photos make me drool! I have always loved your Guineas and your knowledge of them.
  6. PeepsCA
    LOL... my coops/pens are located away from the house, facing the opposite direction (planned it that way!), so I don't hear too much noise from my birds. Also it helps if the coops are completely dark... so if you have a light on try shutting it off, it might help your hubby get some sleep, lol. Sometimes my free ranger Hens will get an all night buck wheating chorus going because they roost in a tree that's lit up by my big yard light, but now that they are all a few years old they don't do it as often. After so many years with Guineas tho, the buck-wheating sort of just becomes background noise, lol.
  7. hennypenny99
    Wow! I just had to come look at your page when I saw that you have 85 guineas. Just curious, how do you sleep at night with all the noise? Mine sing (ka chonk ka chonk ka chonk) off and on all throughout the night and I only have 12 of them. I'm a heavy sleeper so it doesn't bother me much but I am about to have to choose between the husband or the birds. :O
  8. BlueBird7
    i always love your pictures.
  9. PeepsCA
  10. PeepsCA
    Glad you like it... it's a huge page already using up lots of space, I wonder if I have a limit on how big it can get? Guess I'll keep adding to it 'til it won't let me, or it blows up BYC, lmao!
  11. BritinMO
    OMG, I've only just discovered this!!! LOVE it!
  12. cowman1970
    Awesome pictures! I'm impressed!
  13. GuineaLady93
    Love how your page is set up! Great job!
  14. PeepsCA
    Thanks AnnElise, I love to show off my babies :)
  15. The Red Rooster
    I really enjoyed seeing your page! Thank you for sharing.
  16. PeepsCA
    I know kyle, but rules are rules... Hopefully I'll be licensed to ship eggs and live birds out of CA by early summer, but we'll see. It's not cheap and I have over 100 birds that need to be caught and tested at the moment, so I'm trying to get my numbers down then move fwd with the testing/NPIP certification. Cross your fingers for me!
  17. PeepsCA
    Thanks blessedchicks, I like showing off my pretties :) Wish I could spread them all across the US... hopefully later this year, but I'm not sure. Workin on it tho!
  18. PeepsCA
    critters, the bins only work for about 2 weeks tops, then they get moved out to my large brooders. And yes, I cut out sections of the lids and zip tied hard ware cloth to them, so there's plenty of air flow and also so I could mount the heat lamps to the wire and not catch anything on fire, lol. Easy to clean/disinfect too.
  19. kyle7630
    Such a shame about CA/s shipping rules. I'd love some eggs from your flock to add some West Coast flavor to my guinea family.
  20. blessedchick
    I love your page, Peeps! I only wish that I lived closer to you so I could "relieve you" of some of your beautiful keets! :)
  21. critters
    Really enjoyed your page Peeps!
    and using those totes is so long are they able to stay in those?
    I use a playpen myself but I can see how those totes would not be as messy...
    do you cut the lid and secure some wire for the top?
    again, great page!
  22. PeepsCA
    Thanks Zaz!!! Hope all is well with you and your flock/menagerie!
  23. zazouse
    Great page, keep up the good work.
    Happy hatching.
  24. PeepsCA
    Thanks Yoda... And LOL, I'm a good egg wrapper, but Nope Nope Nope, can't ship any eggs or poultry out of CA from flocks that are not NPIP certified. I did contact the California Poultry Health Board this morning tho and I'll be getting an application in the mail soon to start the NPIP Certification process, (which can take up to 3 months to complete)... so maybe by May I'll be able to ship eggs (maybe). Gonna try to weed the flock number down to 60 birds... ha. Wish me luck! Ugh...
  25. Yoda
    Very well done page! You have the most beautiful Guineas I have seen. Would love to get some eggs even if you are not NPIP tested. Just bubble wrap and place in a priority box and ship LOL! ;)
  26. PeepsCA
    LOL Thanks bemba, I'm not really a guinea Goddess tho, just the FOOD Goddess to the Guineas is all :)
    And HA! My pens don't always look that clean either... when it rains they are a mucky mess, and when they molt it looks like it snowed, lol.
  27. PeepsCA
    Thanks chloe!!! Me tooooo, I miss havin' my soft lil crazy babies non stop from Feb-Oct, lol.
  28. bemba
    All I can say is WOWWWW, Love your birds, especially the choc hen...... stunning! And your pens are so clean!!! Great work, you really are a guinea godess LOL.
  29. chloezoebob101
    i hope they turn out for you!
  30. PeepsCA
    Thanks duckie! I'm not real great about updating, takes me a while to finally get around to it lol. I need to take a BUNCH of new pics and post them.
  31. StevenW.
    Peeps, love your're page! I keep going back to it to look for updates since your birds are so pretty! :eek:)

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