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  1. Penny Hen

    Standard Yellow Daffodil bulbs with long trumpets
    - small bulbs (probably take 2 years to bloom)
    - medium bulbs ( should bloom nest spring if planted in the fall)

    I group them by dozens.

    Mimosa Tree seedlings


    A dozen Tiger Lilies

    White FinnDorset Wool rovings 1/2 lb = $20 I thought I had a photo of this but I can't find it on my computer. I will pull out a sample and post one soon.


    I also have various washed and dyed fleece (uncombed) but I have got to find it and inventory it so I know what I have and what I sold (of the pictures on my computer). 1 lb = $20

    I have raw fleeces in white, cream and shades of brown. These are Shetfindor (Shetland/Finn/Dorset cross, a finer medium with a satin luster) and the fine white ones are from my two milksheep (1/2 Dorset, 1/4 East Fresian, 1/4 Lacune). 2 lbs = $20 That is about half of a Shetfindor fleece. They are very light and don't carry a lot of grease. The staple length varies from 2.5 inches (usually a lamb fleece) to 4.5 inches. If getting a raw fleece and I notice that their are hard tips (damaged "split ends") I will trim them off before weighing the fleece.

    God's Eyes

    Braves Baseball cap



    This is about the foundation Quarterhorses. Somewhere I have Vol. 1 and I will post it as soon as I find it.
    This one is about the foundation horses of the Arabian breed.
    Horse bit, never used - copper twisted double snaffle.
    Western spurs with brass rollers and trim. Never used.

    Olive Egger eggs
    Crystal, Silver Partridge, lays a spearmint egg, currently broody sitting on eggs. (May 2016)
    Currently under Long John Silver.


    Onyx, OE lays a large light olive egg. Looks all Americana. Currently under Long John Silver.

    Raven. Black Copper

    [​IMG] Long John Silver


    This is Tizzy the Sapphire and Yellowlegs the OE.
    Tizzy lays a pale blue egg.

    This is Lord Argent and Lady Dotte, Silver Penciled Bantam Wyandottes.
    Until I can get more SPBW girls I can only offer 3 eggs from her.

    I will see about getting more photos up soon.

    I will post more as I venture into the Cave of Wonders of my basement so that I don't post something that will take me 3 weeks to unearth.


    A still air incubator that I could use as a hatcher

    Eggs in the Spring of 2016

    Quail - buttons, cotornix, bluescale, snowflake bobs, silver bobs
    Chickens - Large Fowl: Collanas, Sultans, Breda, Sumatra, Manx Rumpie (Persian Rumpless)
    Bantams: SPB Wyandottes, Cochins, Silkie/Showgirl, Aracana, Americana bantams-esp Blue Wheaten, Pyncheon
    bantam, Olandsk Dwarf, Serama, Nanking
    Geese - Sebastepol, Buff, Pilgrim, Shetland, Roman
    Turkey - Anything but a comercial Broadbrested bronze or white. though Royal Palms are my favorite.
    Ducks - Saxony, Appleyards, Campbell, Call any color, Indie (the small black ones), Manderin, Magpie, Aylesbury, Ancona

    Any bands, water nipples, brooder lights or stands or other small poultry hardware.

    Two Chicken diapers

    DIY books

    Hinges for coop doors.

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  1. Penny Hen
    At the moment I have one pair of quail and the female hasn't started to lay but will soon. I am having to put in a new thermostat. My old one failed and all the quail eggs and chicken eggs were cooked. I have a new thermostat I just have to instal it. I have been ordering off of Ebay for the quail eggs. Last time I hatched Texas A&M's and sold all but one that I kept for a replacement mate for my male. His first mate prolapsed last year and though she healed up she didn't lay again and she just kept looking older and older. She died just 4 days after the chicks hatched.
  2. LocalYokel
    Any updates here?

    What kinds of Quail do ya have currently?
  3. SoulCircusInc
    Hello, Penny Hen! I just discovered "Swaps" on BYC, how FUN! I would be very interested in finding out more about "side trading" with you I believe it is called, for your art skills/commissioned portraits or works you have already completed. I am referring to your statement made on 02-07-14 (my Birthday!), "I have some more serious skills (art related) that I can barter for some pricey eggs, but I am moving my art stuff to another room so I haven't made an offer to do any large portraits." I LOVE your avatar icon artwork! I raise over a dozen different rare and heritage breeds of LF and Bantam Chickens. I also have several pieces of fine jewelry from my grandmother's estate. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speaking with you more on the subject! Blessings, Beth of SoulCircusInc
  4. Penny Hen
    Will do. I will probably pass it along even before I get them. DH is not fond of ducks. I am hoping to eventually talk him into Mandarins when I can afford them. Maybe Calls. You know if it is little it is cute and not so pesty
  5. knightie
    If you find good magpies... Let me know!

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