I am very new to caring for anything other than dogs and cats. 6/1/11 we got 34 chicks - at this point we have 31 and they are big. They got bigger faster than I thought they would. 8/15/11 we got 52 ducklings - still have 51 and they are growing quick. For each they started out in a chick house. The chickens are in a coop (one end of the barn - one car garage space). It has a door to the fenced outside and a door to the rest of the barn. My quandary is when and how do I introduce the ducks and chickens. I don’t know if breed makes a difference but here’s what we have.



W.C. Black Polish

Fawn & White

Silver-Laced Cochins

Black Swedish



Rhode Island Red

Khaki Cambell

Red Star

Golden Polish

Black Star

Buff Cochine