My Chicks
Hi! Welcome to my world! I had many animals when I was a child: chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, turkins, guineas, pigs, horses, cows, rabbits, pigeons and....oh yes, cats, dogs, ferrets, hamsters, and ... what else is left???
Now many many years later, I felt the need to get back to my roots, so my chicken journey begins with Thelma and Louise...
Update: September 2010, I now have a few different breeds: Frizzles, Americaunas or (EEs), a Barred Rock, a Partridge Rock, a Self Blue Old English, and a Porcelaine Mille Fleur. They were all a combination of chicks purchased from hatcheries as well as hatched from my daughter's science class.
I am beginning to refamilarize myself with the world of chickens, so any comments, tips and suggestions, as well as buddies, I gladly welcome!!!
So please, stop by, drop a note, and say hello!

It all started with Thelma and Louise, Americaunas or as I am reading (EEs), April 2010

(From blonde to brown)


Thelma, Vinney, Freckles,
and Louise (from brown to blonde) September 2010

Two small blue/green eggs! September 2010


Panda, Miley (think they are Americaunas?), Lilly and DaisyLilly, Frizzle



Willow, Americauna RoosterDaisy, Barred Rock



Scar Jo and Red (Liam) FrizzlesThe Flock

Don't have great photos of Penguino (Black Frizzle), and the three white Frizzles, Lucy and
Penny (have one above of Lilly though), Blue - Self Blue Old English, and
Freckles, Partridge Rock and I am sure I have left someone out... Total of 15 in my flock.