My new chicken coop, thanks to my wonderful brother!

It is supposed to be a chicken tractor, but I think it is more of a chicken combine. It is really HEAVY, and heavy duty!
I may put wheels and a chain or rope on it, but that would be a problem since the weight is what keeps the critters from climbing under the bottom (in theory anyways). So I'll need some way to drag it easily with my tractor.
It definitely needs a door on the run, so I can put dishes of treats down there. That will be the next project!
I also would like to add lighting (trying to figure out what type would fit best and be safest) - both timed and a small pull string light (probably solar for that one), and possibly a small heat source in winter. Also a heated water supply. I have some time before I'll need that all.

Views of the front. Water & feed go here. Trap door is opened from inside of this end, and bends up. The stairways is permanent (not part of the trap door, as seen on some other designs).

The front. The girls have lots of room inside. But of course they'd rather be outside anyways. At night they do like to peak out the big window and watch the horses.


The back. With my first ping pong ball (and the only one I could find!)

Looking inside the back

The bottom

Henry McNugget (he won't be staying)


Updates 11/27/2010:
Our first winter is approaching! It is hard to remember back when the coop looked that clean...

The chicken tractor has gotten a fresh coat of stain all the way around. We installed a chain and our lawn mower tractor drags it around nicely. We had to replace a door because the plywood warped immediately - so now it is a thick peice with a brace.
The coop has been decked out with a light on a timer, and a heat bulb surrounded by lots of safety chicken wire. We are in the middle of figuring out a solution for our 3 hanging gallon waterer for this winter. I made a quick cookie tin of christmas lights last night, but still need to figure out how to affix it to the hanging waterer since our coop is currently on a slope right next to the house. The heated dog dish will do for now!